Holiday Gift Idea: Hand-Painted Cards

Somehow, it's already November. It always blows my mind how quickly Summer comes to an end and Fall whirls by. For me, the change of seasons inspires an exploration of my own creativity. So this past month, as the air became brisk and the sun more aloof, I was smitten to start some projects. 

As Christmas is fast-approaching, I decided to get working on a handmade gift. 

My mind starts going crazy when I brainstorm gift ideas I can give to someone-- I was really excited to create this set of six cards. It's perfect for any person who appreciates sending a little "hello"...or who just likes weird blobby art. It's a gift that's personal, quirky, that can last a person for many months, and that can double as little pieces of art when sent to others.


To make these cards, I used acrylic paint and a firm, angled paint brush. I sourced the blank white cards (made from a thick card stock) from my local craft store. After sketching multiple shapes and concepts, I landed on my favorite six. For lighter colors, I painted a couple of coats, and allowed the paint to dry on the cards overnight. After drying, I placed the cards between heavy books for a couple of days thereafter to flatten the curling edges. 

I hope you all enjoy! Now, go make something beautiful to gift someone.