A Head of Pearls

This week I was asked to create a wedding hair piece; something delicate and ornate, using small flowers and pearls. Needless to say, I was a little aimless in the craft store (considering I have never before made a wedding hair piece.) I found myself grabbing for various items: dried flowers and baby's breath from the home decor section, strands of pearls and delicate gold chains, an elastic lace headband from the children's section. I got home, spread out my materials on the floor, and began constructing.

The way I created the headband wasn't too fancy: I first organized the flowers in clusters of two and three, creating the framework for where to weave the baby's breath in between. After deciding on how the headband will look, I hot-glued the baby's breath, then gluing the flowers over it. Finally, I glued little pearls throughout the headband. 

The next step involved linking pearls to the gold chain. I cut the chain and attached a small piece of wire with pearls to it. (This was pretty involved, as I hand-twisted a loop on either side of the wire to secure it tightly to the chain.) I continued this process multiple times to create a long beaded chain that will drape down her back. Lastly, I attached the chain to each side of the headband using a strand of wire, then securing it to my head using bobby pins.

Some of my favorite projects are ones that I have no clue where to begin... this being one of them. I was certainly honored to be asked to create it, and I am confident that she will be such a beautiful bride.